TVHi Film Festival 2023

TVHi Film Festival 2023

The 2023 TVHi Film Festival was on 4/20 and it was a blast! From comedy to arthouse to music video to documentary... here's a playlist of many of the films that screened.

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TVHi Film Festival 2023
  • Resurrection under the Ocean

    The resurrection of a man who was helplessly sinking to the bottom of the ocean

  • Unholy 'Mole

    A selfish man sells the soul of his unborn child to Satan in exchange for forcing his wife to make guacamole for him. Things go wrong...

  • Cheat Day

    When taking your cheat day goes too far.

  • Polybius

    In 1981 in Portland, Oregon, a video game takes over players' brains.

  • Terra Nova

    Terra Nova is an attempt to grasp the fleeting beauty of the natural world, and to imagine a future utopia inspired by life on Earth. The result is a mesmerizing display of natural and floral images, interrupted by human desire.

    The footage used to create this short was shot digitally then re-p...

  • Creative Juices

    Donnie and Zach struggle to write music for their next album.

  • and You!

    When puppet boss Mr. Fessparker is tasked with making an orientation video for new employees, his temper gets the better of him and he fails spectacularly. Much like "Winnebago Man" this unauthorized edit of outtakes was no doubt released by a disgruntled employee.

  • Squirrel Mountain ‘Iggy To The Rescue’

    Squirrel Mountain is a magic land where Iggy Pop joins forces with Fairy Frosty Flakes against the Evil Egg and his army of subversive Knitted Chickens.