• In Sight of Zikra

    A short staffed optical center finds itself ill equipped to handle a series of patients going blind.

  • A Trip to the Moon (1902)

    An association of astronomers has convened to listen to the plan of Professor Barbenfouillis, their president, to fly to the moon. With the one dissenting voice quashed by Barbenfouillis and the other members, the plan is approved with Barbenfouillis choosing five others to accompany him. Most of...

  • Recuperación de los Caídos


    A lone man wanders a barren landscape on a foreign planet, salvaging items off of bodies that have fallen to the surface. "Recuperación de los Caídos" was shot and produced in the Canary Islands under the advice and mentorship of director Werner Herzog.

  • Metropolis (1927)

    In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working-class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.


    A pilot crash lands on an alien planet where she faces an unexpected enemy... another version of herself-one who has been on the planet long enough to know that only one of them is going to make it out alive.

  • Passport Chronicles DARK NIGHT


    An unknown comic book artist has to race against time in order to save his reality. If he is able to retell an ancient story he could reawaken a forgotten power. If not the darkness will destroy this reality and many others.

  • The Man And Mel

    A blind author struggles to connect with his humanoid assistant.

  • Cyber Underground


    From his derelict Toronto apartment, software programmer Tyler Jackson carries out a double life as a hacker. Following a recent string of serial murders, Tyler starts to suspect a conspiracy at work targeting members of his online group. After meeting a mysterious girl being blackmailed by the s...

  • Midnight Science


    On the eve of Y2K, a failing scientist attempts to win a tech competition by fusing an experimental machine with the disembodied brain of a megalomaniacal televangelist. The resulting abomination threatens an apocalyptic nightmare.

  • Moonshot
    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    In this low budget, 80s-retro festival favorite, a world-weary homeless woman is given an opportunity to leave her violent life behind when a roguish mechanic devises a risky plan to send her to a colony on the Moon.

  • Soft Spot

    Most relationships have a parasite.

  • EP



    An AI robot and his owner make a living by hacking into computers and stealing important electronic files. During their usual escapade, they stumble upon a hard drive containing EP. But what is EP?

  • Supernormal


    The first cerebral palsy action film, inspired by the incredible true story of Shekhar Dev.

  • Polybius

    In 1981 in Portland, Oregon, a video game takes over players' brains.

  • Empiricism


    When similarities arise between two subjects’ answers in a scientific study, further examination reveals more than either subject can comprehend.