Film Invasion Los Angeles 2024

Film Invasion Los Angeles 2024

Trailers are viewable NOW! TVHi hosts the Virtual Screenings for Film Invasion Los Angeles 2024! These Virtual Screenings feature 40 films, including 13 Virtual Exclusives and 27 films that screen at the theater! Films will be available from June 19 to 30. Before then, only trailers are available. We plan to add festival Q&A's and maybe even red carpet interviews as additional videos!

Film Invasion Los Angeles 2024
  • Virtual Exclusive - Culture vs war. Liberov


    Culture vs war. Liberov
    2024 Official Selection: Featurette – Documentary

    This is a deeply touching story of the war in Ukraine as seen by the eyes of the couple of photographers Kostyantyn and Vlada Liberov.

    Director(s): Kadim Tarasov
    Writer(s): Kadim Tarasov
    Producer(s): Alina Krasnianska, An...

  • Virtual Exclusive - Girl Upstairs


    Girl Upstairs
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Experimental/Arthouse

    A hermit invents imaginary friends, who end up trying to kill her to win their freedom.

    Director(s): Kevin Stevenson
    Writer(s): John Gee
    Producer(s): Jason Haffley
    Key Cast: Holly Blair, Luiz Gustavo Cintra, Sara Catherin...

  • Virtual Exclusive - Quantum Suicide


    Quantum Suicide
    2024 Official Selection: Feature Film – SciFi

    A reclusive physicist builds a particle accelerator in his garage and embarks on a quest to understand the nature of reality.

    Director(s): Gerrit Van Woudenberg
    Writer(s): Gerrit Van Woudenberg
    Producer(s): Gerrit Van Woudenberg, Sha...

  • Virtual Exclusive - The 10,000 Mile Bridge


    The 10,000 Mile Bridge
    2024 Official Selection: Featurette – Documentary

    Closing the Surgical Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Director(s): Sharon Oreck, Jay Roach, Asako Ushio
    Producer(s): Bill Pope, Jay Roach, Sharon Oreck, Josh Oreck, Max Berry, Marchelle Sellers

    Country: United States

  • Feature Film – Documentary - King Of The Butterflies


    King Of The Butterflies
    2024 Official Selection: Feature Film – Documentary

    Wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years, Darryl Francis decides to write a comedy film to confront his traumatic past.

    Director(s): Olaf de Fleur Johannesson
    Writer(s): Olaf de Fleur Johannesson
    Producer(s): Olaf de Fleur Jo...

  • Feature Film - Drama - Look At Me


    Look At Me
    2024 Official Selection: Feature Film – Drama

    A fictional autobiography about an insecure, awkward and lonely bisexual actor who goes on an unwitting journey of self-love in the midst of an eating disorder relapse.

    Director(s): Taylor Olson
    Writer(s): Taylor Olson
    Producer(s): Taylor...

  • Featurette – Arthouse - Cyano Sun Suite


    CYANO SUN SUITE, a live concert film of poetry and improvised hipjazzsoulbopfunkhop, shot at the iconic Montreal Biosphere. Directed by Stefan Verna; written, performed and produced by poet Tawhida Tanya Evanson; and featuring improvised music by members of Kalmunity Vibe Collective. This visual ...

  • Short Film – Animation - Anansi the Spider


    Anansi the Spider
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Animation

    Anansi the Spider must outsmart the most dangerous animals in the jungle or be eaten himself.

    Director(s): Jared Hall
    Key Cast: Daniel Jennings, Elijah Gallimore-Repole, Jared Hall

    Country: Jamaica

  • Short Film – Comedy - The Feeling Expert


    The Feeling Expert
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Comedy

    An introverted video gamer is forced to repay his bookie by becoming his wife’s feeling expert.

    Director(s): Jamie Anderson
    Writer(s): Jamie Anderson
    Producer(s): Jamie Anderson, Caroline Calvin
    Key Cast: Max Korman, Spencer Garre...

  • Short Film – Drama - At Ten Weeks


    At Ten Weeks
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Drama

    Charlie imagines the future with his unborn daughter but at 10 weeks pregnant there is still a long way to go.

    Director(s): Declan Hannigan
    Writer(s): Declan Hannigan
    Producer(s): Nikolett Barabas
    Key Cast: Matt Devere, Nikolett Barabas, ...

  • Short Film – Drama - I DID


    I DID
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Drama

    A brave mother tries to save her family by turning in her husband’s gun.

    Director(s): Pedro Patricio
    Writer(s): Pedro Patricio
    Producer(s): Ryan Michael Connolly, Pedro Patricio
    Key Cast: Elena Juliano, Abe Bueno-Jallad, Sofia Ines Garcia, Micha...

  • Short Film – Drama - The Unreliables


    The Unreliables
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Drama

    A babysitter and an absent father spiral out of control as they refuse to confront grief.

    Director(s): Adam Linkenhelt
    Writer(s): Jen Robyn Jacobs
    Producer(s): Katie Barrie, Jen Robyn Jacobs, Adam Linkenhelt
    Key Cast: Jen Robyn Jacobs,...

  • Short Film – Sci-Fi - OVERCLOCKED : Origins


    OVERCLOCKED : Origins
    2024 Official Selection: Short Film – Sci-Fi

    After her father is brutally murdered by mysterious outlaws, an ex-military special operative decides to take matters into her own hands and enlists the help of an unsuspecting young cargo pilot along the way.

    Director(s): Natha...