• Moxie

    An exclusive orgy in Los Angeles doesn’t go as planned.

  • Annie and the Scar

    An older, newish mom’s C-section scar comes to life.

  • Beach Day

    When Lexi takes her boyfriend Sam for a date on a nice abandoned beach, Sam becomes suspicious that there may be ulterior motives at play. Can their relationship be saved, or is it, so to speak, dead?

  • Ding Dong

    Two men are in a house - and neither of them is supposed to be there.

  • Church Camp

    Josh, a gawky camp counselor who puts the bi in Bible Camp, teeters on the edge of coming out to the entire camp.

  • My Friends The Plants


    A mockumentary horror comedy about a woman being held hostage by vampire plants and her plan to escape once and for all.

  • The Penis Between Us

    1 season

    A mockumentary about three roommates who share a penis.

  • Operation: Payback

    Payback was declared... mistakes were made. An abduction goes off the rails.

  • The Perfect First Date


    A short film about two men who meet for a first date, but when one discovers that the other is having the date filmed, he can't decide whether to stick with a date that might be a total disaster, or call it another failed date - his 9th this week.

  • Four Junkies

    A satire about four heroin addicts living in Middle-America and the juxtaposition between the lives of the junkies and the make-believe sitcom audience who is watching them and being entertained by their depravity.

  • Unholy 'Mole

    A selfish man sells the soul of his unborn child to Satan in exchange for forcing his wife to make guacamole for him. Things go wrong...

  • Two Girls, One Love

    1 season

    Two girls smokin' and talking about anything other than men.

  • Cheat Day

    When taking your cheat day goes too far.

  • Animals You Want To Eat

    Three friends form a pact to explore a taboo interest with disastrous results.

  • Te lo dico Pianissimo (i tell you very softly)

    After his ex-wife’s death, Giuseppe and his long-time partner Nikolas receive custody of Giuseppe’s son and daughter. Meanwhile, Giuseppe’s three sisters will put them to a very severe, and hilarious, test. “A real Italian family.“

  • and You!

    When puppet boss Mr. Fessparker is tasked with making an orientation video for new employees, his temper gets the better of him and he fails spectacularly. Much like "Winnebago Man" this unauthorized edit of outtakes was no doubt released by a disgruntled employee.

  • Rachel Bradley: Alpha Chick


    Rachel Bradley takes prisoners in her first comedy special release, "Alpha Chick."

  • Christopher Titus: Amerigeddon


    Stand-up comic Christopher Titus takes the stage for his eighth stand up comedy special with one goal in mind, uniting America.

  • Across the Room

    When Ben and Alexandria’s first dates go downhill, the two unexpectedly create one of their own.

  • I Got This


    A young couple conspires to get DNA samples from several men who could be the father of her child — who he’s been taking care of, thinking that he was.

  • Momma Outta Bullets

    6 items

    Almost a decade ago, a group of friends decided they wanted, no, needed to make videos. As time went on, they grew and evolved and got better at making videos no one would ever see. They developed an original and unique tone, each member complimenting each other's skills. This intrepid journey le...

  • Squirrel Mountain ‘Iggy To The Rescue’

    Squirrel Mountain is a magic land where Iggy Pop joins forces with Fairy Frosty Flakes against the Evil Egg and his army of subversive Knitted Chickens.

  • Ruffalo

    Zach finds his obsession with actor Mark Ruffalo has gone a little too far.

  • Lucky

    A couple’s fears about having a baby bubble over in a surreal bar outside time and space.